About Us

We’re Decal Gremlins. But who is “we”?

I’ll be honest with you, “we” in this case is just one guy. Let me tell you all the important details about who I am before I let you in on the secret behind the name and the brains behind the business. My name is Andrew, I’m a young spring chicken (early 30s), and spend my days teaching people who are used to hammering and heavy lifting to use highly specialized software to improve their efficiency and make things run smoothly. Basically, I’m a guy who tries to make “Rome wasn’t built in a day” seem like a silly statement

But wait, there’s more! Besides training people as a day job, I’ve taken on a lifetime commitment of being married to a wonderful lady and we both spend our free time raising two beautiful children. The kind whose cheeks you want to relentlessly pinch. Truly adorable little creatures, and I’m proud that I had a part in creating them. Still, my pride extends beyond my family. This business is a prime example of who I am beneath everything else: an entrepreneur.

My visions as an entrepreneur came to reality in October 2013, but the building blocks were being toyed with for several months prior. This leads us to where the name “Decal Gremlins” comes from. Many late nights with a close friend would be spent devising new business ideas or creative innovations, to the extent of delirious excitement. Fatigue, inspiration, and good company can make for interesting moments.

As we came up with more and more ideas and got into the routine of fleshing these concepts out as potential businesses, we began to think of ourselves as gremlins, those little guys from the movies who can’t help but cause a ruckus and are overly excited about pretty much anything. That was us. Soon, every idea’s name had “gremlin” in it, and it’s stuck since then. If I ever open an accounting firm, you bet it’ll be called Gremlin Accounting. Budgeting never looked so exciting.

Let’s move on to the company. I got into this business because I had troubles finding a decal for my truck. Pretty simple problem. Looking around in retail stores, all I could find were those incessant stick figure family decal packs, but nothing much else. Hunting decals, “edgy” slogans, and weird bumper stickers could also be found, but something nerdy or otherwise non-alienating was nowhere to be found. This bugged me, so I made my own decal with a vinyl cutter. Pretty simple solution. Shortly after, everyone around me was wondering where I got it from, and an idea was born.

Since those days, Decal Gremlins has grown astronomically as I cater to an audience that wants to give their cars, trucks, motorcycles, computers, helmets, or anything else a little bit of fancy swag (a term that makes me fully hip with the youth) without being overbearing and perhaps a little off-putting. There are too many vans out there with twenty stick figures on them, so I strive to change this day by day.

Your favourite emblem from a video game? Slap it on. An iconic figure from a TV series? Cover the entire windshield (don’t do that). I’m completely dedicated to the satisfaction of my customers, so let me know how I can make your decal experience better. Decal Gremlins’ stock continues to expand and you can contribute while getting a product you’ll be eager to present on your physical property. It’s a win-win, and I’m a big fan of winning.