Shipping Policy

We have two options for shipping, both of which are pretty straight forward. First, you have the good old fashioned Standard USPS First Class Mail (2-9 business days), and then you have USPS Priority Mail (2 business days).

Plus, and you’ll love this one: we have no restrictions whatsoever on how you can receive the package. Whether you have a PO Box, a simple home address, a military base address, or a vague GPS coordinate for use by carrier pigeon, we can get our product to your door.

Okay, maybe not that last method. The other ones are fair game, though. No signatures needed either. Pinky promise.

All decals are shipped within 48 hours, but maybe I’ll really love your name and get these bad boys packed and shipped within 1 or 2. Who knows? It’s a mystery. Rest assured, it’s a mystery with a 48 hour deadline. Everything gets distributed from Corpus Christi, Texas.